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Temper D – Deejay Barton EP Free Giveaway on Knowledge


“To celebrate the transition of Temper D Productions into an ‘anything goes’ label, we’ve decided to give away the entire first multi- genre EP away in full quality. With a 7 year back catalogue of 20 releases on various drum and bass labels from Uprising to Offkey, and his own label TDP, and having played all over the world, Temper D is now moving into all sorts of new territory, from fidget house, to dubstep / breaks, electro / techno and everything in between. Look out for EP’s coming soon on Kanji Kinetic’s Electrostimulation, Cut La Roc’s Rocstar, and Afghan Headspin’s Standard Audio among others. Many thanks to Jay Cunning, Drop the Lime, High Rankin, Cut La Roc, B Rich, Kanji Kinetic etc for supporting the tunes so far, and anyone who’s feeling the new direction! For those who are only into drum and bass, there’s still plenty of dnb lined up on the label also!”

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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Temper D Promo Mix February 2010

Hullo! I’m gonna try and do one of these a month hopefully. They’ll normally have other people’s tunes in as well, but just because I’ve been so busy writing recently, this one is another production showcase really.

All tunes by myself, except track 6 which is with Balkansky (big up Ivan, proper inspirational artist imo). Mixture of drum and bass, fidget house, dubstep and breaks, coming out on various labels, the dubstep / breaks / house mainly on Rocstar, Standard Audio and the drum and bass, some on my label TDP, and some of the harder stuff on Synchronize and Deadly Records. Thanks very much to the likes of Jay Cunning, B Rich, Drop the Lime, Afghan Headspin, Cut La Roc, High Rankin etc for playing my non drum and bass. Hope you enjoy 🙂

1. La Musica
2. Life History
3. Break It Down
4. Wouldn’t Expect It
5. In a Minute
6. In Pictures (Temper D vs Balkansky)
7. Devil’s Signature (feat Keiretsu)
8. One Over Me (feat Erica Barlow)
9. Stress head
10. Unknown Teacher
11. Level Checking
12. Prosopagnosia
13. Wanna Say
AIM: temperd88

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New non dnb mix for Knowledge Mag to download

Mix and interview here:

1.Temper D – Wouldn’t Expect It
2.Temper D – Shove It
3.Temper D – Last Days of Disco
4.Temper D ft. Erica Groom – One Over Me
5.Temper D – Phat Slang
6.Temper D & Lethal – Keep Pressing On
7.High Temper (High Rankin and Temper D) – The Game
8.Temper D and Lethal – Everything I Want
9.High Temper (High Rankin and Temper D) – Bad Loser
10.Temper D – DJ’s Drink J20
11.Temper D – Wonky Glasses
12.Gwyneth Herbert – Worn Out (Temper D Remix)
13.Temper D & Balkansky – Clockwise
14.Temper D – Biological Tyrant
15.Temper D & Balkansky – Passing Through
16.Cut La Roc – Classic (Temper D Remix)
17.Temper D – Jump Around VIP
18.Temper D – Bring The Bass VIP
19.Temper D & K-Fire – Tripswitch
20.Temper D – Minimal Blink
For bookings please e-mail

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TDP In the Mix Volume 1: 3 Deck studio session from Temper D

Ok this is a new series of studio mixes from myself, a bit like the ones I used to make available
on the net a few years ago. They’re mixed live on 3 decks and aim to showcase forthcoming
tracks on Temper D Productions, both vinyl and digital releases, as well as a few oldies and whatever else
I’m playing out at the moment.

I’ve made them only 30 mins to give a snapshot of what I’m trying to do with the label and where I’m at.
Hopefully this one will be a nice introduction to myself and my label.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Download the mix here

Temper D Presents: TDP In The Mix Volume 1

1. Dereck – Konus (TDP Digital)
2. Lethal and Temper D – Grumpy Old Men (?)
3. Dillinja – Fluid (Test)
4. Temper D – Bottom Set Maths (TDP)
5. Shimon and Disaszt – Light Speed (?)
6. Histibe – Pulsar (Offkey)
7. Temper D – Mushroom Express (TDP)
8. Bad Company – Grunge 3 (Dieselboy, Kaos and Karl K Remix) (Human)
9. Dereck – Unacceptable Level (?)
10. Cooh and Dereck – Adrenaline (TDP Digital)
11. Stu C4C – Losing my mind (Basher Remix) (Sudden Def)
12. High Rankin and Temper D – Yank my Crank (TDP)

Temper D Productions MP3 Shop
AIM: temperd88

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TDPV003 Temper D and Cooh – Chessboxer / Adons OUT NOW!!!


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Temper D Live @ Spring8 Festival Austria 24.05.08

Recorded last weekend at the Subdivision label night:

1. High Rankin – Control Room

2. Ultrablack – Bombthreat

3. High Rankin – You me and the devil

4. Balkansky – Deetrerto

5. Matt-U – Omerta

6. Vex’d – Pop pop VIP

7. Adam Beyer – A walking contradiction part 2

8. Plastikman – Spastik

9. Wink – Sprung Minimalism

10. Audion – Kisses

11. Technasia – Acid Storm

12. DK8 – Murder was the bass

13. Jay Pace – Torin

14. Lethal – The tool

15. Lynx – Disco Dodo

16. High Rankin and Temper D – Whiskey Flavoured Water

17. Raiden and Current Value – RM Bleeps

18. Markoman and Tsunami – Plutonium

19. Temper D – No Favours

20. Temper D – Techno Prisoners

21. The Sect – Nerve attack (Propaganda Remix)

22, Raiden – I hate you motherfuckers VIP

23. Konflict – Messiah

24. Cooh – Duure

25. Temper D – Superstar Dickhead

26. Limewax – 1/2lb

27. Dylan and Limewax – cleansed by a nightmare

28. Freeland – We want your soul (Raiden remix)

29. Signal to noise – Nanobugs

30. Temper D – Minimal Blink

31. Raiden and Temper D – False Alarm

32. Raiden -Bite it you scum (Temper D Remix)


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TDPV002: Markoman and Tsunami / Temper D: Plutonium / No Favours, Out May 5th!!


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Raiden and Temper D-False Alarm / Superstar Dickhead, OUT NOW! With free Sample pack

FREE LOCKGROOVE / SAMPLE PACK WITH THIS RECORD: Anyone who picks up this release will also get access to a lock groove / sample pack put together by Temper D containing some of the techno drum and bass hooks and loops that have played a part in his recent DJ Sets.

These include the raw loops and riffs from Offkey releases Minimal Blink, Sunrise at Sonar, his remix of techno anthem Aural Exciter, forthcoming Subsistenz release Patient Raver, Superstar Dickhead and many more. Be more creative with your mixing, or use the samples in your own productions.

Just e-mail: and answer this question to receive access to the pack: In the bottom left of the record sleeve it says: Artwork by ???

Simply complete the sentence!

Audio: Raiden and Temper D – False Alarm Temper D – Superstar Dickhead

Available in all good record stores including:

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Temper D Presents: Techno Prisoners EP TDP001

Available now from:Digital Tunes – TDP PageAudio for TDP001 Digital Release:

Temper D – Peace and Quiet

Temper D – Annihilation

Temper D- Techno Prisoners

Temper D – Bubble Gum

Shortly to be available also from:

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